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Starting young

Acrobatic classes are exciting for children of all ages. Acrobatic combines acrobatic elements and blends into dance choreography. Our classes provide your children the opportunity to develop flexibility, strength, coordination, artistry, and confidence in movement.

Our instructors will focus a lot of time on stretching and conditioning the students to ensure they gain the support, flexibility and strength for the tricks. We provide children with a safe and secure environment to learn how to perform cartwheel, backbend, handstand and backflip.


Build friendship and learn some cool moves

Pre-Junior Class

4-6 years old

Junior Class

7-12 years old

Senior Class

13 years old and above

Acrobatic and Beyond:
What’s next for your child?

Students will continue to explore various acrobatics movements and begin mastering the basic skills of acrobatic. All the elements from acrobatic will allow the student to develop their dance styles. Students who are interested in pursuing dance further and would like to advance their levels can continue with the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) syllabus and complete their examination.

Starting Young with Acrobatic

Fundamental skills: Introduction to dance technique and acrobatic elements

Acrobatic skills: Introduction to tumbling, balancing, and limbering

Body conditioning: Increase core strength and technical capacities

Build self-confidence: Creative games, group work, and classes