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Contemporary and Lyrical

Contemporary and Lyrical dance is a combination of modern dance and classical ballet elements. Each includes several dance genres such as modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet. Contemporary dance focuses on versatility and improvisation by connecting the mind and body in a fluid motion.

Contemporary dance can be performed to various genres of music, and dancers are encouraged to explore the freedom of movement based on the music tempo. Contemporary dance techniques include fall and recovery, floor work, improvisation, contact-release, pairing work, and lifting partners.
Lyrical dance naturally plays on emotionally charged and expressive music. Songs with deep meaning are chosen to allow dancers to fully express their movements and expressions to convey their emotions. Lyrical dance is characterised with seamless fluidity and continuous movement to another while holding finishing steps as long as possible.

Street Dance

Street dance is high energy and explosive dance movement that is suitable for all ages from both beginners and advanced dancers. Street dance blends with various dance styles, as it is one of the freest dance forms with room to improvise and grow.

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