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Private Sessions

Private dance classes in Contemporary, Street Dance, Modern Jazz, Acrobatic Arts and more are available at Danztech Movement. We help groups and individuals develop a range of skills needed to improve their dance skills, coordination or interpersonal skills through dance.

Why join our private sessions:


Host a memorable event with an outstanding performance by the Danztech Movement Troupe led by troupe director and choreography Melody Tee. For your next event, we will bring some fun, sass, and unique performance that will wow and impress your guest.

Whether it is an intimate setting or a large-scale event, we understand how to create dance entertainment experience to work for various audiences, and we are happy to guide you along the process.

Campus Classes

Collaborations are inherently part of many dance training, dance practices, and dance careers. Let us be part of your curriculum and dance programme for a broader perspective in training through collaborative studio learning.

Danztech Movement provides all dance students with an educational experience that is comprehensive, supportive, and enriching. We can provide opportunities through performance, and workshops have provided much-needed exposure and experience to students and graduates.

We apply our step-by-step learning process to our collaborative work with school syllabus and curriculum. Unlike your average tutorials, Danztech Movement focuses on in-depth training with intuitive methods to ensure the students dance goals are within reach and clearer.